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Slatted bed frames "Made in Belgium"

Specialist trade partner.

At Rako Sleep Systems, we work hard to make sure people sleep well and in the correct position, and this is something we have been doing for over 20 years now. We founded our owner-managed family company in the late 80’s. For the past two decades, however, we have been specialising in the development and production of slatted bed frames. Having gained a reputation as a reliable partner to the furniture industry and specialist retailers, we now supply customers all over the world.

Experienced sleep specialists.

We know what constitutes a good base for a bed. And we know how to produce it. We employ 35 members of staff at our headquarters in Wellen in Belgium to work on our premium quality “Made in Belgium” slatted bed frames. Be it cutting, drilling holes or the final assembly of our products, the quality checks at Rako Sleep Systems are still genuinely hand-crafted. In order to be able to manufacture larger quantities in an economically viable way, we have also invested in various developments in recent years, including modern CNC machinery.

High standards of quality.

We set to work each day with a specific focus on the finer details and maintaining high quality standards. Our customers know what to expect from an Rako Sleep Systems product: premium components, excellent processing, and maximum safety. That’s why only the best woods and composite sprung slats are used for Rako base frames. We also have our own in-house load test machines to check the durability and functional reliability of new slatted bed frames.

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