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Made-to-measure slatted bed frame.

Lattenrost GFK Federleiste

Soft to firm.

The Telastika slatted bed frame consists of 30 composite sprung slats with four varying levels of elasticity, ranging from soft slats (red) to stabilising slats (black). The slats are arranged in the best possible way to suit your individual needs.

Clip system.

Thanks to our flexible clip system, you can change the way the Telastika slatted bed frame is arranged quickly and at any time. Detaching and re-inserting the slats could not be easier.

Elasticity that lasts.

The sprung slats are made of a high-quality fibreglass composite which has been developed in cooperation with the automotive industry. The slats are resistant to moisture and will retain their elasticity even after 25 years of use. Guaranteed!

Maximum pressure relief

No padding: lots of pressure on the shoulders and the lumbar region; spine isn’t in the best possible position.

Traditional mattresses: less pressure on the shoulders and the lumbar region; spine still isn’t in the best possible position.

Telastika slatted bed frame with a traditional mattress: consists of 30 sprung slats with four varying levels of elasticity. The slats are arranged to perfectly cater for your body shape and your body mass: they range from soft slats (red) in the shoulder area to stabilising slats (black) in the lumbar region. Your spine is laid flat and relaxed.

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A deeper, more restful sleep in just 15 minutes? It may sound like a dream, but Telastika can make this a reality. Our clip system allows us to copy your body’s position when you are lying on your back or one side. We identify your pressure points and adjust the slats accordingly.

Made for me.

In just a few simple steps, your specialist retailer will fit the various Telastika composite sprung slats based on the results of your measure-
ments. So when you’re lying on your made-to-measure bed, you can be sure that your body will be perfectly positioned for life.

For life.

You can enjoy your Telastika slatted bed frame for a lifetime. That’s because each of our sprung slats is made of a special fibreglass composite, which ensures that the base will retain its original elasticity and stability after years of intensive use.