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Frequently asked questions

What kind of maintenance does my Telastika bed frame need?

Your personalised slatted bed frame from the Telastika range will not require any special maintenance. The composite sprung slats are particularly robust and durable, and they will continue to retain … Continue reading

How long does a Telastika frame last?

A very long time! The sprung slats are made of a special fibreglass composite, which means they are resistant to moisture. The sprung slats will therefore continue to retain their … Continue reading

Do I have to make an appointment to try Telastika for myself?

No, you don’t generally need an appointment. Simply visit one of our retail partners and ask for Telastika. They will be happy to find time to help you. What’s more, … Continue reading

Can I change the way the sprung slats are assembled?

Yes, you can adjust the arrangement of the sprung slats whenever you like. Altering the position of the slats is extremely easy and convenient to do thanks to the flexible … Continue reading

Can I change the layout of the sprung slats by myself?

Of course! Altering the position of the composite sprung slats couldn’t be simpler and is extremely quick and intuitive thanks to the flexible clip system.

Can I use Telastika while I’m pregnant?

Yes! The Telastika bed frame gives you a more comfortable night’s sleep, even during pregnancy. In order to adapt to weight gain or marked changes in the size of your … Continue reading

What happens if I gain or loose weight?

If your body weight changes drastically, it also makes sense to adjust your bed frame. Just visit your specialist bed store and get measured again. Your specialist adviser will give … Continue reading

Where can I buy a Telastika slatted bed frame?

Telastika can only be purchased in specialist bed stores. As each Telastika slatted bed frame has to be customised to suit the customer’s individual needs, this innovative system can only … Continue reading